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Many Choices for the Latest Belt Conveyors:
Plastic Modular Option

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Multi-Conveyor systems are targeted to your specific process needs. We choose the right components, from steel to rubber grippers, from chains and sprockets, to controls and configuration. For example, a three-tier belt system was the right modular solution for a snack food drying process.

Stainless steel construction with servo drive packaging for high speed indexing is one of our specialties. You can also count on control verification in your plant to fine tune our indexing systems.

Often we incorporate very robust design for stability with particular product flow situations such as paper rolls. Horizontal pivoting parts conveying with multiple lane configurations met another recent market requirements.

Modular Plastic Belt- Mat Top Conveyor Features:  Mat Style Top Variations by Multi-Conveyor

  • Carbon steel or stainless steel construction
  • Straight running and side-flexing applications
  • Horizontal, incline or decline
  • Available chain widths:  3" to 120"
  • Adjustable or fixed guiderails
  • End to end transfers with roller deadplates or flat stainless steel deadplates
  • Side transfer with flush mounted hardware and bearings