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Conveyor Elevator & Lowering Systems

... including up and over transport, z-inclines, cleated inclines, vertical lifts, plastic chain conveyor products and more

Multi-Conveyor's proven elevation and lowering systems are configured to your specifications, meeting or exceeding your requirements. Our engineered products can take hold of a box, case or individual  product, move it up, transporting at elevated heights over your shop floor then deposit where you desire - just the way you want it and exactly where you need it. 

Up and over conveyors are commonly used to free up facility production space below while allowing critical headroom needed for employees or forklift space. Enhanced support and quality construction properly secure raised conveyors, including elevated motor mounts, ensuring employee safety below.

All of our elevators and lowering devices are application driven designs, and our experience across markets means you will observe a seamless construction, installation and start-up process. Vertical lifts are often requested for our elevated designs. We have more than 45,000 square feet in our facility dedicated to designing the best in the business.

Multi-Conveyor excels in C-Style and S-Style Grippers, also commonly used for elevation changes in a smaller footprint.  Also visit our Inclines & Declines page for a more simplistic approach, many times using high-friction belting.

Choose from videos on the right to learn how we've helped other customers with their elevating and lowering systems. You may find we've already built a system just like the one you're looking for right now. 

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