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Custom Conveyor Systems

When you need custom conveyors, Multi-Conveyor engineers will streamline the process. Their experience with custom systems assures smooth roll-out of your custom project. We totally engineer and integrate systems from design to final layout.

Our full service electrical department and on-site installation support services assure quality results. Our engineered drawings in 2-D and 3-D (NOTE: 3-D upon request) provide a realistic first look.

Product orientation, gentle and precise handling, high-speed production and interfacing with existing equipment are all within our areas of expertise. We begin by assigning an application engineer to design, customize and meet your specialty goals, adapting to your particular product category.

For nearly 75% of the projects brought to us, we opt to change at least some part of the physical layout, chain or belt types, ergonomics, or functionality in our customer’s favor. It can be as simple as getting the required straight length before or after a curve, or as complicated as a complete redraw of their system. Multi-Conveyor’s vast engineering experience allows us to offer solutions that may be more functional, cost effective, maximize productivity or save crucial floor space.

KEY FACTORS:  Increased production; reliable performance; longevity; sanitation (as required); safety; ease of use; OEE (overall equipment efficiency); quality components; meeting or exceeding application’s requirements; planning for future expansion and growth; after-sales service; parts and warranty.

DUE DILIGENCE . Conveyors are the lifeline component that keeps your products moving. Don’t let price and quick delivery take over as your focal point. When comparing conveyor systems or bid quotes, make sure they're apples-to-apples in construction, performance, safety and compliance.

Our work across all market segments provides assurance of a successful outcome for your products.

Do yourself a favor and take the fret out of your next custom designed line.  Put our experienced to work for you. Contact Multi-Conveyor.  We'll be glad to help:  1-800-236-7960
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