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As we continue to grow, we find our core market customers trimming their own engineering staffs as they lean heavily on the talents of Multi-Conveyor personnel with strong concept and design backgrounds. Our full-service profile, from initial drawings to installation including start-up assistance, means problems solved the first time for plant managers, yet simultaneously providing long-term solutions for years to come.

Multi-Conveyor employs a full staff of designers, mechanical engineers and project managers to assist your company with not only better ideas but proven solutions. As Multi-Conveyor grows, we find our market companies trimming their own engineering staffs and relying heavily on the talents of our strong personnel to concept and design their equipment and devices.

Rapid growth necessitated the expansion of our skilled conveyor design team allowing Multi-Conveyor to choose talented professionals with extensive knowledge in our industry. Our designers create both custom and standard solutions including modular, tool-less and CIP (clean-in-place). Multi-Conveyor’s team works directly with you to ensure the conveyor construction, including chains or belts we specify, meets or exceeds your project requirements.

Using OEE (Overall Equipment Efficiency) as a philosophy, our designers put new ideas in motion daily. Each week we strive to improve department efficiencies; each month we plan to add equipment to build a better product. And, each year we ask ourselves . . . can we make an even better conveyor to move, twist, turn or help package your product. The answer is "YES".

As a custom conveyor manufacturer, Multi-Conveyor offers advantages above and beyond a standard conveyor company that includes:

Application Engineering during the proposal phase:

  • Proposals based on proven designs from previous projects
  • Application review meetings with the customer to discuss requirements, concerns, and prior experience
  • Design review meetings at Multi-Conveyor with members of all departments (Engineering, Project Management, Electrical/Controls, Fabrication, and Assembly)
  • Product testing to verify proposed design concepts
  • Extensive photo & video library to demonstrate experience in various applications


  • Totally engineered and integrated conveyor systems
  • Conceptual design to final system layout
  • Full service Electrical department
  • On-Site Installation , support , service (mechanical & electrical)
  • Engineered Drawings in 2-D and 3-D (Note: 3D upon request)
  • Start-up assistance

We welcome a challenge and look forward to working with your own integration or engineering teams to assist in creating absolutely the highest quality, yet value-driven solutions to you and/or your end user.  

Bring it on!  1-800-236-7960.