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Many Choices for Mat Top Conveyor:
Plastic Belt Modular Options

Magnifying Glass(Download or view our newest Mat-Top literature now)Plastic Belt Mat Top Variations

Modular plastic belt systems, a.k.a. mat-top or flat-top, are targeted to your specific process needs. We choose the right components, from steel to rubber grippers, from chains and sprockets, to controls and configuration. For example, a three-tier belt system was the right modular solution for a snack food drying process.

Multi-Conveyor’s team works directly with you to ensure the belting we specify meets or exceeds your project requirements. Stainless steel construction with servo drive packaging for high speed indexing is one of our specialties. You can also count on control verification in your plant to fine tune our indexing systems.

Often we incorporate very robust design for stability with particular product flow situations such as paper rolls. Horizontal pivoting parts conveying with multiple lane configurations met another recent market requirements.

Modular Plastic Belt - Mat Top Conveyor Features:  

  • Carbon steel or stainless steel construction
  • Straight running and side-flexing applications
  • Horizontal, incline or decline
  • Available chain widths:  3" to 120"
  • Adjustable or fixed guiderails
  • End to end transfers with roller deadplates or flat stainless steel deadplates
  • Side transfer with flush mounted hardware and bearings    

Trough Style Systems
The image to the right shows a trough style system from beneath to get an idea of how the plastic belting moves through the "trough" shaped system. A trough design consists of the main spine of the conveyor with smaller diameter side spindle shaped belt supports that can be made of rollers or stationary supports. Based on the frame, the belt naturally forms the trough ("U" shape) to help control the product itself.




Zero Tangent
New to our Plastic Belt Conveying solutions, curved belt options built with the new Zero Tangent™ Radius Belt Curve technology (by Intralox®) are now offered. Modular belt construction is featured for improved reliability and performance, able to handle tight transfers and various radius curves.

Benefits of the Zero Tangent Radius Belt Curve Technology include:

  • Save floor space:  This is especially compelling on the 24", 32" and 40" belt widths.
    Curved mat top conveyor
  • Maintain product orientation:  On all typical modular plastic belts the inside edge of the belt collapses as it enters the curve and then expands again at the exit of the curve. This belt movement causes packs to skew or lose relationship with each other when 2 lanes of product are being conveyed.
  • High speeds:  Up to 300 FPM.
  • Heavy loads:  Belt pull of 907 lbs/ft belt widthGet an RFQ now!
  • Reduced maintenance time and cost due to belt's modular construction