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Product Turners and Product Turning Conveyor Solutions

Bump turns and ARB for product turning by Multi-ConveyorProduct turners are used to rotate objects, turn boxes, cases and shrink-wrapped bulk product (to name a few) to a specified degree necessary to meet requirements for the next part of a production line. Most common is the 90 degree turn but most all variances in degrees are possible depending on your needs.

Product turning solutions include:
- Bump turns
- Dual lane conveyor product tuners
- Product pushers
- ARB conveyors

Bump turns are a cost effective turning solution. A simplistic roller arm (bump turn) can be fixed or adjustable - even removable - as needed. Bump turns are most commonly used in low rate applications that do not facilitate a wide range of product sizes. This is an extremely economical box and case turning solution.

Dual lane product turners are unique by using two belts that simply adjust the speeds of the side-by-side opposing conveyor belts to cause the individual product, box or case turn rotation. The dual belt product turner requires the belts running at two different speeds that are set by trial and error, depending on product size and weight.

Product pushers (or 90º product transfers) are used when the application requires a change in orientation from the narrow edge leading from the upstream equipment, to the wide edge leading for the downstream equipment. 90 degree product transfer

ARB technology allows products rest on free-spinning angled rollers rather than on the belt surface. These rollers extend above and below the belt surface and are positioned at an angle in relation to the direction the belt travels. Rollers that are activated by the carry way surface below move products across the direction of roller orientation rather than the direction of driver travel.This approach is used to slide, merge, divert, sort, turn and transfer products as required.

Besides these general product turning solutions, Multi-Conveyor can also design and engineer custom product orientation upon request. 


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