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Stainless Steel Conveyor Construction

Stainless steel 90 degree transfer application.Stainless steel conveyors or devices are specified based on criteria such as washdown environments, sanitary applications such as food or pharmaceuticals, and chemical or corrosive product processing.  Different finishes are determined by moisture levels and bacterial growth concerns. Stainless steel is the number 1 choice for food grade conveyor systems.

Our standard stainless steel conveyor frame is made from 11 ga (vs. a lower 12 ga.) thick material. We provide 2BN finish and #4 polish finish. The 2BN finish is used for applications where there is direct food contact. This is considered a sanitary finish.  We also offer 7 ga. frames upon our customer's request.  No skimping on quality materials here at Multi-Conveyor!

The #4 polish is actually a ground polish finish. It is used mostly for appearance. Because the #4 polish is ground into the steel, it leaves tiny grooves that could possibly collect bacteria.

Our newly introduced Slim-Fit™ product has a #8 polish - which is a superior "mirror looking" finish - for the utmost in sheen, durability and wear. Absolutely brilliant!

All of our stainless steel conveyor systems are in food-grade USDA or FDA compliance based on our customer's direct requirements.

For Mild Steel Constructed conveyors that do not require wash down, please click here.

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