Gripper Conveyors for Elevating, Lowering, Orient and Transport
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Gripper Conveyors for Elevating, Lowering and Orientation

S Style Gripper Elevating ConveyorThe term "Gripper" is an industry wide term as this suggests that two parallel conveyor sections mounted side by side on a support structure that actually grips product and transports it, in an elevating or lowerating movement, while incorporating a buffer at the end of a conveyor or between different conveyors.  Products are gripped gently but with complete control before delivering in onto another section of the conveyor.

Gripper elevators and lowerators come in various shapes including C Style, S Style and Upenders.  The upender style gripper actually orients the product by 90º as it lifts the items from an infeed conveyor, carries the product to either a higher or lower elevation before the discharge. C Style Gripper Elevator

(Images:  The conveyor on the left is a typical S-Gripper whereas the image on the right shows a standard C-Gripper.)

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