Bi-Directional Accumulation Tables
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Bi-directional Conveyors

Bi-directional accumulation conveyorBi-directional accumulators come in a variety of sizes and construction.  The purpose of a bi-directional is to continuously shift or rotate production from upstream or downstream direction until the individual containers are routed through filers or lined along guide rails to their next destination. 

Product is typically introduced onto a bi-directional (commonly referred to as "Bi-di") table in slugs, or multiple products at one time. One method is by pushing product via an actuated pusher once a slug is accumulated in front of the table. Product can be reintroduced to the main line by utilizing product back pressure or an additional pusher. Product is reintroduced on a last in first out method on bi-di tables.

Plastic carrying belts are determined by load capacity, friction factors and customer specifications and are easy to maintain, repair and replace as required.

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