Drum Spiral Accumulation
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Custom Drum Spirals

Multi-Conveyor can build job specific, designed-to-order drum spirals, on request, for small footprint accumulation, giving you the few extra minutes needed upstream without losing critical production time. The center drum drive system provides the power and torque to handle multiple rows of side-flexing chain. Each tier gradually inclines or declines around the drum to give you the maximum amount of accumulation and smoothest operation.  Multi-Spiral 1000 - spiral conveyor by Multi-Conveyor

The spiral provides ever so gentle product handling because the entire unit is one continuous belt with no intermediate dead plates or end-to-end transfers. These spiral designs are also capable of bottom or top loading depending on your equipment layout. To further optimize storage time, multiple interconnected spirals can be placed in-series to provide even more staging for your products.

Besides rotary spirals, Multi-Conveyor spirals also include product turning incline spirals as seen here.


  • Stand Alone System complete with Controls
  • Variable Frequency Drive to control speed or rates
  • Available in different height and diameters to fit your layout
  • Continual belt is equipped with automatic tensioning
  • Each tier can be divided into multiple rows for smaller products


  • Integral in-feed and discharge Conveyors
  • Right-Angle transfer unit at in-feed or discharge
  • Metal Detectors
  • Indexer / Stacker at discharge

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