Single File Conveyor Systems, Mass-Flow Product Movement
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Single Filers & Systems

Multi-Conveyor manufactures Single Filing Conveyors in pressure-less or low pressure designs to meet the most demanding applications and production speeds while offering product stability in the process. Accumulation or mass-flow production streams effortlessly into a single lane for constant, steady operation at progressively higher line speeds.

Guide rails mounted along the conveying surface are instrumental in shifting articles toward the engager while relieving back-pressure. Available in variable speed configurations, these conveyors ensure product moves smoothly and safely to their next in-line destination. Single filers can easily be integrated into existing lines for optimum flexibility.

Systems can be constructed of mild steel (painted) or stainless steel based on your particular specifications. Although plastic belt conveyor design is typical for these designs, we also offer plastic chain configurations upon request and can manufacture in-line or off-line designs.

Single filers and systems can also be used in conjunction with feed tables providing a staging area while the products merge onto the designated path in single-row production, transporting empty or full containers as required. Traditionally used for bottles, cans, containers and other round or irregular shaped product single filing, these conveyors are capable of handling complex irregular shaped containers. Components are completely accessible for easy limited maintenance, and retains all of the qualities associated with first-in, first-out container orientation.

Contrary to a pressureless combiner, a simplistic single filing conveyor takes mass product, typitcally funnel with guide rail assist, to a single lane that generates a fair amount of backpressure. This works better with more dense, solid or stable product that can tolerate backpressure.

Proven accumulation and single filing conveyor systems have been designed and implemented successfully in Baking, Beverage, Bottling, Craft Brew, Confectionery, Dairy, Food, Industrial, Pharmaceutical and Personal Care applications. Final assembly and Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT's) takes place at our facility and is overseen by our qualified experienced personnel.

Single filers are oSingle Filer unitne of the most sought after conveyor styles for nearly every industry.  Let's quote your next project.

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