CONVEYORS Multi-Purpose

Industrial Conveyor Systems

Conveyor systems are mechanical equipment that moves materials from one location to another. Useful in moving heavy or bulky materials, conveyor systems allow for for quick and efficiency transport for a wide variety of materials. The material and packaging industry rely on these systems to streamline the work process from build or bottling, assembly, finishing and packaging. Consumer use of conveyors can be found in grocery stores when you check out or your final stop at the airport to retrieve bags.

Common Uses of Conveyors

Conveyor systems are often the lifeline to a company's ability to move it's products from point a to point b in a timely fashion. Common industries using conveyors include: mining, automotive, agriculture, computer, electronic, food processing, pharmaceutical, beverage bottling and  food canning. The most common materials conveyed are food items, automotive components, scrap metal, wood and furniture, grain and animal feed.

Types of Conveyor Systems

Flexible conveyor
Gravity conveyor
Gravity skatewheel conveyor
Belt conveyor
Wire mesh conveyors
Plastic belt conveyors
Bucket conveyors
Flexible conveyors
Vertical conveyors
Spiral conveyors
Vibrating conveyors
Pneumatic conveyors
Aero mechanical conveyors
Electric track vehicle systems
Belt driven live roller conveyors
Lineshaft roller conveyor
Chain conveyor
Screw conveyor or auger conveyor
Chain driven live roller conveyor
Overhead I-beam conveyors
Dust proof conveyors
Pharmaceutical conveyors
Automotive conveyors
Overland conveyor
Drag Conveyor

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