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Multi-Conveyor is more than just another standard conveyor belt and custom conveyor manufacturer. We build as many belts, chains, and other devices as we do conveyors.  In many cases, this gives you the cost advantage of the one-stop shop suppliers. You get the convenience of accessing our belts, chains, and conveyors all in one place.  We get to provide real value to our customers.

All of our equipment is manufactured at our facility, so we ship directly from our floor to your door.  In order to maintain our position as a leading conveyor belt and equipment manufacturer, we believe in reinvesting in our facility. Our 45,000 square foot arsenal of manufacturing machinery and equipment includes, but is not limited to:Doe and Miller stand next to laser unit

  • L3030 Trumatic CNC Laser
  • Six (6) bridge cranes
  • 22 Station turret punch
  • Waterjet cutting of steel, plastics and composite
  • High-speed plasma cutting
  • AXYZ 5000 series pin-router (for dust elimination)
  • Forming
  • CNC machining, shearing, bending, turning
  • Welding (separate areas for Stainless Steel and Carbon Steel to avoid contamination)
  • Sandblasting
  • Painting (Enamel, Epoxy, Steel-It, Polyurethane)
All of our fabrication is done in-house.  We are in complete control of every quality piece of your conveyor equipment assembly.

What better value can you expect after all that? From service, technical support, and our commitment to quality, we have it all.