MDR Roller conveyor 24V
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Custom Stainless-Steel MDR (Motor Driven Roller) Conveyors

MDR motor driven roller conveyors

With decades of custom conveyor experience, Multi-Conveyor is an ideal partner for your next stainless steel MDR conveyor project.

Why MDR?

  • 24 volt DC motors and controllers allow simplified installations, reduced power consumption, and increased operator safety
  • Pre-installed zero pressure accumulation logic provides collision-free accumulation - each conveyor functions as a string of separate, smaller conveyors all "rolled" into one (yes, pun)
  • Powered rollers can be individually addressed and controlled over Ethernet, allowing precise ramp up/down and speed control
  • Timing-belt-driven 90º degree pop-up transfers allow easy on and off transitions in damp and wet environments

Features include:

  • Zone lengths, frame widths, roller spacing, and speeds are all configurable to your application – no more ordering from a catalog then trying to make it work!
  • Walk-through lift gates are available allowing increased operator access without the extra weight of a standard conveyor
  • Low-pressure washdown rated components upon request
  • Stainless steel construction
  • All drive components are “plug and play” resulting in minimal maintenance and fast troubleshooting/repairs
  • Common components are used throughout a line, resulting in fewer spare parts and lower TCO (total cost of ownership)
  • Optional pneumatic stops, pushers, turners and casters
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