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The term ARB stands for Activated Roller Belt™ and is known in the conveyor industry as the patented Technology made by Intralox.  On the ARB Intralox conveyor, products rest on free-spinning angled rollers rather than on the belt surface. These rollers extend above and below the belt surface and are positioned at an angle in relation to the direction the belt travels. Rollers that are activated by the carryway surface below move products across the direction of roller orientation rather than the direction of driver travel. Because it is possible to move conveyed products selectively, thus making this a state of the art sorting conveyor.  ARB conveyors equipped machinery can change the direction, alignment, location, and speed of an item independently without using rails or complicated mechanical controls. All of these features are made by Intralox.

As one of the leading roller conveyor manufacturers, Multi-Conveyor incorporates this licensed, certified, and officially trained Intralox technology on our equipment.  We bring the benefits of modular plastics to complex package handlingDiagram of 90 degree ARB transfer technology shows movement of small items along conveyors processes like sorting, merging, and aligning even small items. The result is a simplified, cost-effective solution for product orientation and control.

Belt Roller Conveyors for all angles

Align and Sort:  The Intralox alignment conveyor drives a smooth stream of product to one side uniformly and gently squares them against a guard rail. Products are directed using angled rollers embedded in the conveyor allowing product quality to remain intact.  Sorters are capable of bi-directionally cataloging at 30 degrees and at 90 degrees. This unique capability successfully handles products of various sizes within a limited footprint. Multi-Conveyor technicians are factory-trained and certified in the newest 45⁰ angle sorting technology. 

Case Alignment and Turning:  Multi-Conveyor uses angled roller belts to redirect cases and turn them in a general uniform fashion.  Intralox case aligners are specifically used in conjunction with bar-coders and labeling for packaging lines.  Case turners using this technology typically need fewer moving parts and fewer drives.

Diverting and Merging, Horizontal Transfers:  For diverting, merging, and even horizontal transfers, Intralox angled rollers are embedded in the belt surface offering a smooth merge or position of product from multiple lines into single file.  Shape or size typically doesn't matter and the product can be positioned along a side rail or in the center of the drive according to your requirements.  Horizontal switch has been known to provide up to 95% reduction in jams, 95% reduction in down-time, a 30% increase in throughput, and up to 4.6% increase in line efficiency when compared to pusher arm installations.

Single Filing (a.k.a. Singulators):  Intralox angled roller conveyors can move products side-by-side into an aligned single-file and is known to reduce product jams or sorting inaccuracies.