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Conveyor Line Diverters

Multi-Conveyor is known for our custom conveyor solutions, including excellence in combining product through merge, divert, sorting systems and lane conveyors. Conveyors can be fitted with a variety of diverters, gates, and guides activated by programmable logic controls. From single lane to multiple, Multi-Conveyor engineers vertical, side-to-side and other divert conveying suited to your layout. Our high speed systems move units 1-2, 1-3, 1-4 or other single-to-multiple lanes via servo engineered motors. Our merge systems can be 2:1 up to 6:1 and more. 

We build machines that will transfer, rotate, elevate, grip, accumulate, flip, index, align, merge, divert, sort and more. Our engineers, designers, and technicians bring forth concepts and solutions that get results and gain efficiency from state-of-the-art controls to UL certified paneling and PLC programming. In fact, chances are that we've already concepted, designed and built a conveyor or device similar to the one you need for that project you're working on right now ... or, made one pretty damn close.

Our profile is full-service, from design to installation including start-up assistance while maintaining your timing and delivery requests. This means "problems solved the first time" for plant managers. From complete systems to turn-key projects, we have the answers.

Engineered with pneumatics, photo eye systems and controls targeted to your process, Multi-Conveyor delivers uncompromising performance. We begin your project with an assigned team to assure the right divert solutions for your particular product and process.

No matter what the configuration, Multi-Conveyor will get your products moving in the right direction.


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