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... meeting critical agency compliance as required!

Plastic belt washdown conveyorOur innovative Sanitary Conveyors are designed with Stainless Steel construction and are built to food or pharmaceutical industry and plant specific needs as dictated by your sanitation or food safety requirements. Designed to fit your company’s unique processing application, we will ensure you get exactly what you need.

The country's leading food manufacturers seek our our sanitary products because we understand the need effective, easy-clean, hygienic and wash down conveyors, all of which are high priority for Multi-Conveyor. We take the same approach when it comes to providing our customers with UL certified controls design and UL approved equipment.

Most agency food-grade compliant designs (USDA, WDA, AMI, FDA, 3A, meat, dairy, BISSC, etc.) are available on request. Several frame designs have a variety of features such as clean out ports, spray nozzles, lift up belt, lift out carry way and return way. Standard sanitary conveyor features include spaced off frame components, sanitary supports and washdown resistant power transmission components.

Increased throughput, along with elimination of product waste and downtime, are essential in providing a quality conveying system to our customers. New product carrying belts or chains, and materials for wear parts, must add to the performance criteria of a project, while meeting guidelines for materials acceptable in the beverage/food or pharmaceutical industries. Conveyor construction should be resistant to chemicals used in cleaning and sanitation. Often times all of those characteristics are required of each conveyor.

Although far too many to mention, critical points may include:
√ Removable NTR (no tool required) components for cleaning.
√ Gasketed areas to keep contaminants from getting behind wear strips.
√ Critical radius welds and radius bushings.
√ Tooless removable CIP's (clean in place).
√ USDA approved urethane belts for tight transfers.
√ Plastic washers behind all fasteners.

Whether your needs are for raw product handling, flexible packaging, fresh and frozen products, bakery or snack foods, case packing, robot feeding or any other manufacturing process, we have excellent food processing conveyors and solutions. No project is too small or too big, including full turn-key systems that incorporate mechanical, electrical controls that interact with your equipment.

 If you do not require wash down conveyor systems, click here to learn about our Mild Painted Steel Constructed systems.

Key Components of our Sanitary Systems include: processing conveyors with plastic belts for easy cleaning

  • Stainless Steel Construction Built to Industry Design Standards
  • Built to the Customer’s Sanitation & Safety Needs
  • Application Driven Designs
  • Agency compliance as directed
  • Washdown systems as needed

All of our conveyor systems and equipment are factory acceptance tested right here at Multi-Conveyor, either with you or your assigned representative present, before it leaves our floor. In your plant “de-bugging” and “fine tuning” are always available, if required, providing you with the most reliable piece of equipment available.

Safe & Sure: Metal Detection System Integration

Conveyor belt passes through metal detection unit

For applications requiring a metal detector, which is very popular for sanitary food, pharmaceutical applications but also common in paper and industrial use, we design conveyors to fit most models, complying with the manufacturer’s non-metallic zone and moving metal limits.  Most metal detector manufacturers cannot incorporate the actual conveyor so we offer a value-driven custom built alternative to most standard models or even complex detection systems.

Using fabric type, modular plastic or tabletop chains, we can provide numerous solutions for transfer issues, rejects, retraction, construction and design requirements.  Multi-Conveyor has a reputation for incorporating metal detection systems, that you specify or provide, while delivering quality, reliable equipment that performs as promised, with outstanding customer support.

Our experienced engineers meet to review your factory and application needs and then recommend solutions that target your circumstances.

Frequently Asked Questions About Sanitary (Washdown) Conveyor Solutions

How do you determine stainless steel conveyor sanitation levels?

Stainless steel conveyors are specified based on criteria such as wash down environments, sanitary applications such as food or pharmaceuticals, and chemical or corrosive product processing. Different finishes are determined by moisture levels and bacterial growth concerns and are subject to FDA, USDA & USDA Dairy, AMI (meat), 3A Dairy, BISSC (bakery), or other compliance as required.

What does sanitary conveyor construction mean?

Premium critical radius welds, bolts and radius bushings, gasketed areas to keep contaminants from getting behind wear strips, removable NTR (no tools required) components for washdown including CIP (clean in place), agency approved belting to name a few. We follow strict guidelines to ensure the proper sanitary specifications are met.

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