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Conveyors For The Cheese and Dairy Industry

Multi-Conveyor builds 3A-Dairy, USDA Dairy, USDA, WDA and FDA compliant machinery on a regular basis. Our goal is to provide a more functional, affordable conveyor while maximizing productivity or saving essential floor space in the process. No project is too big or too small. We'll take your product from raw food, to packaged product, right up to your case erector or palletizer, moving it every twist, turn and elevation along the way.

Cheese and dairy food producers need to compare systems that are in compliance with regulatory agencies and meet sanitary construction criteria. Food manufacturers need to be agency compliant to meet regulatory, food safety demands put forth by USDA, WDA, FDA, 3-A Dairy. This compliance may require material upgrades, precision welding or finishing specifications. We stay up to date with ever-changing mandates and check points as each agency dictates for processing and packaging.

Conveyors may specify clean out ports, spray nozzles, belts lifts, easily removable carry and return way components. Sanitary features should include standoffs for frame mounted elements, sanitary supports and washdown rated power transmission components. Using technology driven operator-to-controls communications and functional engineering designs, Multi-Conveyor can provide faster, more efficient changeovers to feed various container shapes or sizes, which equals increased throughput to you.

Key Factors When Choosing Conveyor Systems

  • Safety
  • Ease of use
  • Maintenance
  • Longevity
  • Sanitation
  • Quality components that meet or exceed the application's requirements
  • Service, parts and warranty

Machinery As Unique As Your Industry

Nearly 75% of our conveyor builds, we opt to change at least part of the physical layout, chain/belt types, ergonomics, or functionality in our customer’s favor. It can be as simple as getting the required straight length before or after a curve, or as complicated as a complete redraw of their system. Our experienced engineers may design more functional, cost-effective conveyor solutions to maximize food manufacturing productivity or save floor space.

Food Safety and Sanitation

Sanitary conveyor designs are sought after by the country's leading cheese, yogurt, butter, milk and dairy and dairy by-product producers due to our extensive understanding of effective, CIP, wash down designs. Our innovative stainless steel, washdown construction designs and are built as dictated by your sanitation requirements.  All conveyors fit your company’s unique application, ensuring you get exactly what you need - nothing more, nothing less.

Necessary features for food production such as clean out ports, spray nozzles, lift up belt, lift out carry way and return way are common. Standard sanitary conveyor features include spaced-off frames, sanitary supports and wash down resistant power transmission components. We also one of the only companies that offer stainless steel motor driven roller conveyors.

Cheese and Dairy Conveyor Manufacturer of Choice

Multi-Conveyor is the leading "go-to" cheese conveyor manufacturer of choice - hands down. Take the Multi-Conveyor challenge. Even if you're satisfied with your current conveyor supplier, let us quote your next project.

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milk jugs on a conveyor


packaged bags of cheese on a conveyor

cheese being conveyed

Conveyors are the lifeline component to keep your products moving. Don’t let price or quick delivery be your focal point. When comparing conveyor systems, make sure they're apples-to-apples in construction, performance, safety and compliance.


Chances are we've designed, engineered and built a system just like the one you need right now - or made one pretty damn close.

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