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Pallet or Layer Forming Conveyor

Compatible with Robotic Palletizers

  Winneconne, WI - Multi-Conveyor ( Multi-Conveyor just built this stainless steel constructed plastic belt case conveyor, designed to transport corrugated boxes to a customer supplied robotic palletizer.

The two lane 40' stainless steel conveyor system incorporates ARB™ technology on the infeed, 90⁰ side flexing curves with flexibility for accumulation, metering gap conveyors that feed secondary ARB conveyor at the pallet layer forming exit.

The infeed ARB can be triggered for immediate or delayed diagonal movement to feed either the left or right side of the system as required and is easily controlled to allow for straight, single lane feed or to alternate on a timed basis between lines.

In this application, each lane of product is conveyed wide edge leading from the initial start, through the curve and down to gap metered sections. However, one lane of product includes a pneumatically retractable bump turn assembly used to rotate some product 90 degrees depending on the robotic pallet configuration.

Two friction top speed metering conveyors, one choke metering, the other a speed-up belt, meter product prior to the final ARB creating speed gaps between the cases for optimal placement and positioning.

The two ARB plastic belts at the end can align up to one dozen cases in various configurations for removal by the customer's robotics system. (ARB™ is a trademarked product of Intralox®.)

Other features/benefits include:

  •      Pneumatic pop-up activation zones with air cylinders
  •      Open top construction 
  •      Pneumatically retractable bump turn assembly 
  •      Single high stainless steel and beaded roller guide rails 
  •      Slotted pattern clean out holes in frame design for specific customer cleaning procedures 

About Multi-Conveyor 

Multi-Conveyor has successfully produced standard and custom conveyor solutions for Integrators, OEM's, engineers, designers and end-users across multiple markets and industries for over two decades. Specializing in conveyors that assist in nearly any packaging, processing or material handling application, our customers report they select Multi-Conveyor for concept/design, engineering skills, high-quality product, best value and prompt delivery schedules. 

Multi-Conveyor excels in stainless steel and mild steel construction conveyors for table top chains, modular plastic belts, and fabric belting, are licensed to build Intralox ARB solutions, and provide many types of elevators, lowerators and accumulators. We also design and provide the control devices, systems and panels with our in-house control department. 

For more information about Multi-Conveyor, or to get a quote on your next project, call toll-free 1-800-236-7960, e-mail or visit

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Pallet forming unit for use with robotic palletizerMulti-Conveyor LLC 

P O Box 10 

Winneconne, WI 54986 


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