News: Single Filer with Incline for Flexible Bags
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New Single File Spiral Incline Conveyor

            Winneconne, WI - Multi-Conveyor (  - This newly built conveyor was designed to accept bags of chips and transport them in single file on friction-top plastic belting. Moving delicate product at top line-speeds, the belting controls packages to alleviate shifting and stabilize the bags.

Flat friction-top conveyor belt systems provide the additional "grippage" (if you will) that may be necessary to move lightweight products in mid- to high-speed production lines that have an upstream or inclining flow.

Used in many "soft drop" applications, these low-maintenance systems provide a slight grip on flexible packaging or lighter packaged goods to help eliminate slippage or back-up of inclined conveying production lines. The soft surface is made of sturdy, wear-resistant rubber for increased longevity of the belt itself. The surface somewhat "cushions" the product to alleviate damage of delicate goods and they're released onto the conveyor.

Although FDA approved systems are applied in many food-grade packaging arenas such as snacks or even fragile candies, this low friction designed process can also easily be worked into markets including personal care, household supplies, soft-pack OTC's and more.

Distinct advantages include virtual elimination of product slippage and extremely low maintenance.

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Single File Conveyor for Chip Bags

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