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Pneumatic Divert to Multiple Hand Pack Stations

With clamps and stops!

          Winneconne, WI - Multi-Conveyor ( - Multi-Conveyor recently provided a dual strand hand pack station with lane balancing.  The two 3.75" mild steel construction, low back pressure, table top conveyors were designed to transport cartons from the discharge of a customer supplied check-weigher, to either one of two hand pack lanes.

The product initially travels single file until it reaches a paddle style 1:2 pneumatic divert with clamp and stop for creating gaps for diverting slugs of product.

The diverter and stop are guarded with steel frame reinforced clear polycarbonate, and includes a hinged access doors that are electrically managed with Interlok safety switches.The diverter is triggered by level sensing photo-eyes mounted in each lane after the diverter to drive lanes of traffic based on the amount of product accumulation.

The YouTube video shows both the pneumatic clamp and pneumatic stop that allow the customer to hold traffic based on hand packing speeds or product volume as necessary.  The clamp and stop also provides a gap for the diverter to change positions.

The balancing is done through logic and controls to aid in managing the human factor for a 6 to 8 person hand pack station.  Not everyone works at the same pace so the balancing devices help manage production speeds all without human interaction. It also enables the customer to run just one side when both lines are not being packed at the same time.

Multi-Conveyor can provide turnkey control packages, or individual sensors and pneumatic components per customer request as in this application.  Multi-Conveyor  handles most brands of pneumatics, sensors and control/logic components.

The two 12 inch wide by 3 foot long mild steel construction slider bed belt conveyors were designed for the customer supplied Ink jet coding heads.

The slider bed conveyors were designed to run at 60 FPM @ 60 hertz based on a product load of (5) pounds per lineal foot of conveyor with no accumulation, while the plastic roller chain is designed to run 285 FPM @ 60 hertz based on a product load of 1 pound per lineal foot of conveyor with full accumulation.

Let us help you work smarter not harder by giving us the opportunity to provide you the next efficient cost saving solution.

View more new product releases by visiting our videos page at  Then, give us a call at 1-800-236-7960. Multi-Conveyor is waiting to help you with your next conveyor solution.

(Note: Product in the video was used for demonstration purposes only.)

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Pneumatic Divert with Clamp

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