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ARB's are the perfect solution

A simplistic way to align, divert, merge, sort, turn
and transfer your products and packages


Multi-Conveyor (Winneconne, WI) - The term ARB stands forActivated Roller Belt™ made by Intralox- a key partner supplier for Multi-Conveyor.

On ARB conveyors, products rest on free-spinning angled rollers rather than on the belt surface. Because it is possible to move conveyed products selectively, ARB-equipped machinery can change the direction, alignment, location and speed of an item independently without using rails or complicated mechanicals controls.

As this complete ARB capabilities video shows, aligning is elementary as the ARB drives a smooth stream of product to one side uniformly and then gently squares them against a guiderail.

When diverting, merging or transferring, the angled rollers are embedded in the belt surface offering a smooth merge or position of product from multiple lane to single lane to from single line to multiple lane depending on the customer's needs. Shape or size typically doesn't matter and the product can be positioned along a side rail or in the center of the drive according to your requirements.

ARB plastic modular belting is used to position boxes and cases in various configurations for pallet layer forming or removal by robotic palletizers. Transfers, including 90 degree passive transfers, are commonly used for flexible or rigid products using ARB technology.

Case turners typically use fewer moving parts and fewer drives. Bump turn technology is used at lower speeds while "touchless" technology is preferred in high speed applications.

Sorters are capable of bi-directionally cataloging product at 30 degrees, 45 degrees and 90 degrees.

View more videos here and learn how Multi-Conveyor can incorporate this patented, licensed and certified technology into your next conveyor. Let us help you align, sort, merge, turn and transfer your products.

Learn more about our ARB (Activated Roller Belt) capabilities and all of our conveying solutions by visiting Then, call us a1-800-236-7960. Let's get working on your next project!

ARB Solutions by Multi-Conveyor 

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