Starwheel Upender Technology - 180 degree rotation
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Starwheel Upender Feeds Robotic Pick Conveyor

with 180° product rotation

     Multi-Conveyor (Winneconne WI) - recently built a series of mild-steel constructed conveyors designed to transport stacks of wrapped product in preparing it for a packing robot or hand-pick. Technologies used include an L-shaped accumulation conveyor; a 180° upending starwheel with pneumatic underside blade stop; and a metering 6-strand plastic belt conveyor.
     The initial table top curve conveyor incorporates a 90° x 24” radius and a side flexing roller topped SystemPlast chain running at 25 FPM with 100% accumulation. The product then transfers onto a 6-strand plastic belt that has a starwheel upending device and a pop-up blade stop.
     The blade stop squares up and meters each item prior to the starwheel inversion process. Multiple starwheel arms and strands of belt enable this system to invert a wide range of product sizes as shown in the demo products we used for this video. After rotation, the product proceeds to a customer supplied robotic pick station.
     The six (6) strands of 1" Intralox belting allow the robots "fingers" to pass between the strands and grip the product from the top and bottom. The flat top belting gives the system the ability to accumulate product at and behind the picking position while the belt is running continuously.
     See even more unique conveyance videos. Then, call us. We're here to help. Let's get this conversation started! 1-800-236-7960.
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starwheel upender for 180 degree product rotation






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