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Depalletizing Conveyor: Mass Flow to Single Filer
You don't see this every day.

     Multi-Conveyor recently built a single, manual "depalletizing conveyor" for empty plastic containers that eventually hold a dry food product. The complete system incorporates manual and automated features for a simplistic approach to emptying and restocking pallets.
     To start, a forklift operator empty containers by raising and lowering the pallets using a scissors lift a rate of ten pallets per hour. A single operator then cycles individual (full) pallets onto the depalletizing conveyor. The operator will raise and lower the pallet to lift and discharge using push button controls.
     The operator then moves up to the second level where they can use a simplistic pusher arm to slide a single layer of empty containers off of the pallet, one layer at a time, onto a single filer conveyor.
     Empty containers then flow from the single filer onto a take-away conveyor.Overflow containers are in a continual motion until it is their turn to single file to the next section. An operator will clear a layer of empty containers and repeat the cycle again using push-button controls. This will repeat until each pallet is emptied.
     A simple JOG UP, JOG DOWN and FULL DOWN push buttons assist the operator. When the pallet is empty, the operator presses the FULL DOWN to lower the empty pallet. E-stops have been incorporated for safety.
     A forklift operator will remove stacked pallets at a rate of one pallet stack per hour. Features of the system include the hydraulic scissor lift table, 3-sided bay, a manual sweep bar, an operator work platform, and a slip-sheet bin.
     Call us direct at 800-236-7960 to get started on your next project. We looking forward to serving you soon. Remember, Multi-Conveyor ... your best, conveyed better.

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